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What Drivers Are Saying About TPMS

Auburn Hills Police Department utilizes TPMS to improve on-road performance
The Auburn Hills Police Department (AHPD) in Auburn Hills, Michigan is a well-equipped, highly-trained group of law enforcement professionals dedicated to serving the residents of Auburn Hills. The AHPD has been utilizing TPMS technology as part of an ongoing tire pressure monitoring trial for one of its fleet patrol vehicles. Read more about this story.

Proper Inflation of the Spare Tire
Tracie in Denver, Colorado participated in an extensive user trial of the Schrader® EZ-sensorTM solution, which is a new, patented programmable TPMS sensor technology that allows Aftermarket service & repair technicians to make a quick copy of the original TPMS sensor installed in Tracie's vehicle. Tracie's driving miles helped put the number of operating miles driven in real-world conditions for EZ-sensor well over 1,000,000 by Q1-2011. Read more about this story.

New TPMS sensors save driver with nail-in-tire
Ronnie from Lynchburg, Virginia drives a 2009 Toyota® Camry® which comes equipped with TPMS sensors, as do all new vehicles in the U.S. As part of a recent user trial, Ronnie exchanged his original OEM-sensors for Schrader's new EZ-sensorTM technology. Ronnie has logged more than 7,000 miles using the EZ-sensors, which is a patented programmable TPMS sensor technology that allows a service & repair facility to make a quick copy of the originally-installed TPMS sensor. Read more about this story.

Lucky Cab taxis enabled with TPMS-technology
Lucky Transportation has been providing taxicab, limousine and bus services to the greater Las Vegas area for many years. Lucky Cab is an innovative provider of transportation services, and was the first cab company in the Las Vegas market to begin using hybrid vehicles in their fleet. Read more about this story.

Mom and Dad Enjoy Peace of Mind with TPMS
Ray and Melissa believe that TPMS is critical to their family's safety. "Our other car is a pre-2007 vehicle that doesn't have TPMS, so I didn't know too much about it until we purchased our 2009 Enclave®," says Melissa. "I don't think about it while driving, but knowing that, if the warning light came on, I would immediately know there is an inflation issue with my tires and would take action. This personal safety feature helps me feel good about the well-being of all of us in the car." Read more about Ray and Melissa and how TPMS helps keep their family safer on the road.

Business Traveler Requests Rentals Equipped with TPMS
Mark was first introduced to TPMS on a recent business trip. "I turned the ignition on, and the TPMS warning icon illuminated briefly. I hadn't seen it before because both my family cars are pre-2007. The light caught my attention, so I turned the car off and then on again to see what the warning light and letters were. I was curious, so later I Googled 'TPMS' to find out more." Read more about Mark and why he won't rent a car without TPMS.

Car Collector Expresses Full Appreciation for TPMS
Although the true joy of driving such a performance-rich car is important to Mike, safety is always a first priority. "One new feature for me on my 2010 Chevy® Camaro® was TPMS, something I was generally familiar with. It's a standard item with the 2010 model. And given all I've invested in this car, maintaining the right tire inflation on the road and avoiding accidents is a must-have." Read more about Mike and why he's a fan of TPMS.

On-the-Go Sales Representative Saved by TPMS
As a sales representative, Susan is constantly under pressure to make appointments and close deals, but, even when tire pressure was the last thing on her mind, heeding her TPMS system between meetings paid off. "I got in my car and quickly noticed that my TPMS warning light was on. Given the timing, I shook my head and thought, 'No, this can't be!' I drove around the corner and decided that I should stop at a gas station immediately," says Susan. Read more about how TPMS helped Susan stay safe and arrive on time.

TPMS highlights vehicle malfunction and helps ensure driver safety for European motorist
By preparing for the impending TPMS legislation in the UK, Enda purchased and installed a TPMS aftermarket kit that helped to identify and correct two different malfunction issues that could have potentially created a very dangerous driving situation. "The TPMS system was a great way of determining the location of the issue. I used this information to inform the mechanic, who was then able to easily solve the problem," says Enda. Read more about how TPMS helped Enda identify a dangerous situation before it became dangerous.

New Truck Owner receives additional TPMS information via OnStar®
John recently purchased a new 2009 Chevrolet® Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty with all the enhanced features including the OnStar® navigation package. It didn't take long before he benefited from seeing the TPMS warning light in the vehicle, which was followed by additional tire pressure notification via OnStar® email. "TPMS has definitely been a peace-of-mind feature for my wife and I, knowing our new truck will notify the driver of a low tire pressure scenario," said John. Read more about how TPMS notifications give John peace-of-mind while driving his new truck.